System Requirement for downloading StarCraft 2: 스타2 놀이터


Terran: 스타2 토토


Terrans are the human race presents in the game of StarCraft 2. The word �Terran’ is derived from the Latin word �Terra’ which means the earth. They have a very average cost of units and they are able to build the building almost everywhere. The Terrans have a good mobility as well as decent defense system. They can repair the units as well as the buildings when it is needed to be. There are many advantages of choosing the Terrans. They have high firepower along with cost-efficient units. The play style is quite fast and robust.


The best part is that the Terran can survive longer even with very little bases. This race also has a higher capability of production. The Terrans are also quite popular for using the environment for their own benefits. Many gaming experts have claimed that they have one of the best base defense systems. For example, Planetary Fortress is an excellent defensive structure of the Terrans. They are relatively newcomers to the Koprulu sector 스타2 놀이터.


The Terrans came from the Earth centuries ago when an expedition was launched for colonization. From then, the Terran army rely mainly on the versatile unites and resilience. Some of the key units of the Terrans are Marine, Siege Tank and Battlecruiser. The unique features of the Terrans are:


  • They can lift off the buildings
  • They have great strategies that include mechanical styles as well infantry styles
  • This race has some transforming units like Hellion and Viking


So, do you want to be a Terran? While choosing this race, you have to consider whether or not you like to create some durable armies. Creating a strong and huge army can come with several advantages such as handling the situations. If you like assembling the hue armada while decimating the opponent, you can be a good fit for the Terran race.




They are the noble ancient warriors who have a golden armada. The Protoss warriors are very strong with some psionic abilities. They have a strong and killer fleet which consists of ships upon ships that has the capability to destroy everything. But the Protoss race is also quite a technical and slow race. They control a very small part of the map when compared to other two races. But it can inexorably push beyond its foundation. The armies of this race require the maximum control in general.


Being a Protoss require a lot of patience as they can master each and every piece. Thus, it offers an unparalleled and unmatchable durability and sturdiness. Their amazing micro techniques and power can impress a lot of game lovers. Their native planet is Aiur which is very rich in intellect and hence this race is also quite technologically advanced. Protoss is very strict when it comes to their tradition and society unless and until Zerg, the other race, invaded their native planet.


This race has some very expensive units that are completely worth the price. The specialty of the Protoss is that they like sudden attacks as well as reinforcements. The unique features of this race are: 해외 스타2


  • They have units with strong shield that can gain life over the time
  • Have very powerful unit like Carrier and Colossus
  • Comes with advanced warp gate technology for building units


Is Protoss right for you? Despite of being so powerful and technologically advanced, the gameplay is the least technical if you choose to be a Protoss. Hence, the veteran and experienced StarCraft 2 players recommend the beginners or rookie players to choose the Protoss race. It is good choice for the rookie players because of its speed. You can learn how you can properly scout or set the force-field if you choose to be Protoss. Things can be quite slow in the early part of the game if you choose Protoss. It will be quite slow to build the units. Protoss race also appeals to the players who want to be more tactical in nature. If you love planning for traps, moving the units from place to place and plan for the ambushes, then this is the right choice for you. Also, they have a very praiseworthy choice of support units 스타2 안전놀이터.




If you want to know about the most powerful race of the StarCraft2, then the answer has to be Zerg. At present, they are the strongest and most powerful of all the three. The Zerg has a very unique economy system which is based on larva. It can give them a lot of potential growth. Thus, they can expand quite fast over the map. The classic style of Zerg is to expand very quickly and absorb the early pressure from the opponents. This larva mechanism helps this race to grow a lot faster than any other races of StarCraft 2. Thus, they can end up producing a lot of units in a very less time 스타2 전문놀이터.


The Zerg has a vision to control over the whole map while forcing the Terrans and Protoss to try and contain it. With the lightning fast units, this race has the capability to attack as well as defend bases of other races very easily. The best part is that this race can easily change the tech paths and they can do this much faster than the other two races. Zerg race can also build many units at a much cheaper price. The only production buildings of this race are the hatcheries. This also allows some flexibility in their gameplay. Being a Zerg, you can sacrifice the drones to make buildings.


According to most of the experts, Zergs are actually the most organic and mechanical race of the three. By organic, it means that the units as well as the buildings of Zerg race can regenerate health with time. It can be quite a hard race for the new players. Players with a minimum experience can go for this race, undoubtedly. But rookie players can struggle a lot and can be impossible to catch up with this race in the beginning. Zerg race can be the easiest to play when you are mid-high level. Some of the unique features of this race are:


  • It has units that can burrow beneath the surface of the planet and attack stealthily
  • They have creeps that cover the entire base in a biological substance
  • Have many fast-moving units like Mutalisks and Zerglings


Do you love to have the control over the map than the opponent? If so, then you can choose Zerg. They have an excellent control over the map and they are good in scouting too. If you love to put a lot of pressure on the opponent and love to harass them, then this is the best race for you. Zerg moves quite quickly. So, if you love to keep moving and love speed, then this can be a good fit for you.


How to play the game?


The StarCraft 2 is completely free of cost and you can play this game on your Windows desktop or laptop or even on your Mac system.



For the Windows, the operating system has to be Windows 7, 8 or 10 with 2 GB RAM. The best option is Windows 10 with 64-bit and 4 GB RAM. There should be at least 30 GB available space in your hard drive.


For the Mac, the operating system version has to be at least OS X 10.12 with 4 GB RAM. But it is better if you can play it on OS 10.15 with Intel Core i5 processor or even better along with a RAM of 8 GB. There should be at least 30 GB available space in your hard drive.


Once your system requirement matches, you have to follow these steps:


  • You can visit their official website and click on the option Play free now’
  • As soon as you will click, the StarCraft-II Setup file will be downloaded
  • You have to run the application and install it on your system
  • Then you have to login or register for the game
  • Once you do that, you will be given the option to choose one of three races
  • After you choose one, your game will start
  • Now you have to gather the resources and minerals to construct the base
  • Spend those minerals to build a powerful army
  • With these bases and army, you can protect your race or defeat the opponent


You can not only defend your base with the army and units but can also deploy the forces to overcome the opponents. This game requires a lot of strategies and you have to be very tactful while playing this game. Sometimes, your gameplay and tactics also depend on the race you choose. Hence, you have to be very careful.




Games can be a perfect way to relax and unwind. The game lovers know how the games can give them immense joy and excitement. If you are looking for a new game to play which can provide you with both fun and excitement, then the StarCraft2 is the ideal one for you. As mentioned above, you have to first download and install the game and then play it. You can choose one of the three races – Zerg, Terran and Protoss. Choosing the race is completely you choice. You must have already read about them in details and now it will be easier for you to choose the ideal race for you. Once you have chosen the right race for your gameplay, you can enter into the game and start playing it.